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Long story short, I am an unrepentant sarcastic liberal nerd.  I blame this on both nature and nurture, as I was born into an Irish family who values quick thinking, jokes, and doing our best to enjoy life while on this spinning rock in space.

I also tend to be a bit of a cynic, probably from a combination of life experiences and a career on software quality assurance, where being a cynic is a survival trait.  I have many hopes, many regrets, and try to find a nice balance between them.  I also tend to be a bit self-deprecating, another side-effect of growing up in an Irish-American culture, where sometimes self-aggrandizing is simply bragging, and you don’t want to get too full of yourself.  That’s not the Irish way.


As for the domain, and many references you will see to Easter, it’s all based on an old story involving my great-uncle Jack and his then-girlfriend/later-wife Helen, and his aunt.  The way the story goes, Helen was nervous meeting Jack’s aunt, a stern woman from the auld sod, and desperately wanted to make a good impression.  So as the family gathered for Easter dinner, he suggested speaking a few phrases of Irish Gaelic to her.  Helen did not know any, so he taught her how to say “Happy Easter”.  Well, sort of.  He told her it was said “pog mo thoin”.  So Helen went up and greeted his aunt with what she thought was a traditional greeting, and of course, everyone immediately knew who was to blame.

This is the kind of family I grew up in.

Anyhow, this is a very important bit here.  Everything contained in this blog is my opinion, and mine alone.  Not my family’s, not my employer’s, not my friends’, and possibly not yours.  If you don’t like it, well, Happy Easter.

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