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So in an earlier post I mentioned how I was working to lose some weight. Just wanted to say that on August 12th or so, I weighed myself and was a hearty 331. Which I was happy about since I was over 350 last November or so. So on the 19th of August I decided to make an effort to change my diet, etc, as chronicled in my earlier post.

Today I am 308 even. And working on exercising more now that I am less of a hazard to any sort of workout gear I dared go near. Including swimming pools.

Just wanted to put that out there though that simple changes in diet and practices can make a huge difference. No fads, no supplements, no Tommy Lasorda diet shakes, just simple changes in habits and approaches to lifestyles.

One thought on “Just a quick blurb

  1. A definite lifestyle change. All for the better, and you’re doing an awesome job. On a side note, all the meals you’ve made have been as good for you as healthy, and those meals are delicious! Chef Joe!

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