Recently I have been playing around with photo taking, editing, and manipulation software on iOS. I have an iPad 3, and an iPhone 5, both of which have nice cameras as well as phenomenal processing for graphics, like most Apple products, and I miss photography and videography, so this fills some of the bill for me. If you go into the App Store, you can find a ton of various apps for all sorts of photography, editing and sharing of the images, and a lot more than the shitty Instagram filters.

So instead of trying to read up on them, or take other people's word for them, I have decided to try a bunch of them out and assess for myself. Over the next several posts I am going to go through them and try out several of the photo apps, the editing apps, and the sharing apps, and try to find the right combo for me. I have some favorites, but I am going to try a bunch of them and give them a fair shot.

Oh and I'm also trying out an auto-posting thing that posts on FB and Twitter when a post goes up here. If it sucks, let me know.

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