In which I try to lose some weight

There's a saying the best diet aid is a full-length mirror. Well it's true. A couple of weeks ago I did some traveling, visiting my company's offices in DC and New York City. Both times I stayed in the company apartments, both of which have full-length mirrors. The one in NY was set up so as I got out of the shower and went to get dressed, I got to see myself in all my glory. Well maybe less glory and more horror.

During the weekend between trips I actually stepped on a scale and found out I had lost around twenty pounds over the past ten months or so, when I got weighed at a doctor's appointment. Without actually doing anything except watching what I ate and walking around a lot more.

So after talking to some people, and seeing how well it worked for my brother when he did it, I decided to start South Beach. I started on the evening of Aug 19th, and am in my second week of phase one, which is two weeks of zero carbs. This means no bread, no potatoes, no fruit, no starch, and no alcohol. Yes I know, it's the end of the summer, election season is heating up, and I can't drink. One of my employees found that hysterically funny.

Aaanyhow, for a while I was going without coffee too, but that's subsided now that I have learned to barely tolerate Splenda and almond milk in it. My original food list source had said even 1% was not allowed, so started the almond milk route, and I should at least finish the bottle. I've been tracking what I eat, eating more pistachios than I think I ever have, and suffering through going to my friends' gig at the Hard Rock Cafe and not drinking. But on the upside, I have apparently noticeably lost some weight, gone down at least one belt hole, maybe two. I have also developed an unholy addiction to Sprite Zero.

I do miss my bagels in the morning though…

Don't worry, I am not going to post my meals on FB or spam updates, but I am definitely feeling better, and wanted to give it a mention here. oh, there actually is one side-effect that seemed a little weird, I have had these occasional mood swings from goofy happy to feeling very pessimistic and not depressed, but maybe more just a grey mood.

Overall though, I think it's going well, although I haven't weighed myself yet. That I am sure will bum me out, but as long as its progress, and I try to get the next 50 or so pounds off, I'm ok with that.