Opening Day

I used to have another domain, geekdroppings dot com, that was the repository of a blog where I wrote all sorts of dreck for a few years, but after it got hacked by a malware distributor, Google blocked the domain as an attack site, and I sort of stopped writing there.  I was trying to start my game blog, too, so it all fell by the wayside.  Then this past spring, I forgot to renew the domain.  The day it expired, it was grabbed by a squatter who locked it down and wouldn’t give it back to me without money.  Now it’s a Japanese spam site, selling skin care products probably made out of rhino horn and discarded foreskins.

So here I go again.  I like Facebook, am lukewarm to Twitter, but miss some of the freedom long-form blogging allows.  I have had this domain sitting around for a while (see the About link above) and figured what the hell, why not use it.  It fits me a little better than the old one did, and I’ll keep the gaming stuff over on Massive Crits.